Youth Camp

Talent Accelerator
17 au 21 février 2020
les 11-16+ ans

Talent Accelerator - Experiment N°003-49: TEENAGER

Day 1 :  Getting to know you.
As with every year, we start our week getting to know our new team. Old faces and new come together to make a great team of actors and performers. A chance to meet your new family for the week!
Objective: To create a team dynamic that allows exploration and welcomes failure, it will be a safe space for the children to explore together.

Day 2 :  Story time!
Taking one of our favourite stories in our library, with your help we want to bring it to life! Through improvisations and mini scenes we will start to explore this new world created by the book.
Objective: To encourage creativity and develop improvisation skills.

Day 3 : Teamwork makes the dream work!
Feeling free in this new creative world we now need to push our abilities as a group. What makes a chorus so affective? How can we work as a group to create one single, moving image? Through exercises and trust games we will begin to explore just what it takes to create an ensemble.
Objective: To explore the idea of ensemble and developing the team dynamic already established in the first few days.

Day 4 : Roll call.
We have our ensemble, we have our world, we have our ideas now is the moment to develop our characters. How can we distinguish each characters compared to the rest of the group? Do you have to walk differently? Talk differently? Let’s find out today!
Objective: To understand how to create real characters and, by using actor’s techniques, how to create differences between characters.

Day 5 : Let's hit the stage!
One week of creativity and fun and now is the moment to show all that hard work to the world. A full day of actor preparation so you are completely ready to take on the challenge or performing in front of an audience. Let’s go!
Objective: To develop their skills as actors on stage, through voice and movement.

Mollie Keane

Mollie Keane est une actrice et formatrice anglaise, diplômée de East 15 Acting School, London. En 2012, elle tombe dans la marmite de la culture française après avoir tourné pendant 8 mois en France et en Belgique. Elle décide de rester en France et s'installe à Paris où elle continue sa carrière d'actrice jouant dans des court-métrages, des publicités (Notamment une où elle devait faire du vélo alors ... qu'elle ne sait pas en faire, mais ne nous étendons pas trop sur la question). 
En 2014, Mollie et Arnaud créent Mumbo Jumbo, qu'ils imaginent comme un laboratoire de réactions artistiques et linguistiques à la croisée de leurs deux cultures. Depuis, Mollie multiplie les expériences en animant des ateliers avec différents publics : adolescents, adultes, seniors, et dans différents environnements : en milieu scolaire, en centre social et plus récemment dans le monde de l'entreprise.