Talent Accelerator

Talent Accelerator
Season 2017
Salle Schuman - Bois-Guillaume
les 11-15 ans

- 13 au 17 février 2017 - Espace Guillaume le Conquérant, Bois-Guillaume
- 10 au 14 juillet 2017 - Espace Guillaume le Conquérant, Bois-Guillaume

13 au 17 février 2017 : Experiment N°003-44 - SIT DOWN.
Over the last few workshops Mumbo Jumbo have explored all sorts of creative ideas. Improvisation, scripted work, working on screen! And each time we’ve been blown away by what we can achieve in one week with our top-notch participants.
So now we decided to take our team further, really focus on what it means to tell a story and be a storyteller. And how are we going to do that I hear you cry? Why through the use of a chair of course! How far can our participants use a chair to create theatre and stories? Can you really create magic from something as mundane and ordinary as a chair? What stories lurk behind this household object? Let’s find out shall we?
Day 1:  To chair or not to chair, that is the question.
Get to know, team building, and begin exploring the concept of a chair. Where will this idea lead us?
Day 2: That’s not a chair!
Start exploring situation and scenes. What could our chair represent? A sitting room, an airplane, a horse?! Creating from text and also improvisation.
Day 3: We’re on the edge of our seats!
Begin exploring the ways in which you can tell a story; through music, images, storytellers and more. Can we try a bit of mime? Some clowning? Let’s find out.
Day 4: Sit up straight and pay attention
Now we start bringing all our material together to formulate our show. Tighten our character work and explore ways to put a show together.
Day 5: Take your seats ladies and gentleman!
Show time! We’ve got the material now how can we present it in an interesting way? Does the audience have to be seated all the time? Today is about exploring the ways in which theatre can be presented. What does it mean to do a promenade piece? How can the audience get involved?

10 au 14 juillet 2017 : Experiment N°003-45 - TELL ME A STORY
Summer wouldn’t be the same without a weeklong workshop with Mumbo Jumbo. One week of teamwork, theatre, creation and English.
I know you don’t want to miss out and this summer we have an extra special challenge, the challenge to tell the best story we can to our audience. Want to get involved? Sign up now to avoid disappointment.
Day 1 :  Getting to know you.
As with every year, we start our week getting to know our new team. Old faces and new come together to make a great team of actors and performers. I know we’ll all create something incredible together.
Objective: To create a team dynamic that allows exploration and welcomes failure, it will be a safe space for the children to explore together.
Day 2 :  What’s in a story?
Now we start creating our story. Working from a pre-written text we’ll begin to explore the plot. We will be using text but also improvising together.
Objective: To encourage creativity and ownership of ideas.
Day 3 : And who on EARTH are you?
So now we have our story, its time to start exploring our characters. How do they walk? How do they talk? What is a story without the people who inhabit it? Lets explore together.
Objective: To deepen understanding of character development and the importance of character work.
Day 4 : Let’s shake it up.
So we’ve looked at the story, we’ve discovered the world of our characters, now is the time to bring all our hard work together. What do we need to do to create a good show? How can we work together to create something professional?
Objective: To understand how to create a professional piece of theatre and to explore different ways of performing.
Day 5 : Take it to the stage!
And now it’s show time! Bringing all our hard work together, we will spend day 5 rehearsing in our performance space and using professional techniques to get us ready to perform. Are you ready?
Objective: To develop their skills as actors on stage, through voice and movement.

Mollie Keane

Mollie Keane est une actrice et formatrice anglaise, diplômée de East 15 Acting School, London. En 2012, elle tombe dans la marmite de la culture française après avoir tourné pendant 8 mois en France et en Belgique. Elle décide de rester en France et s'installe à Paris où elle continue sa carrière d'actrice jouant dans des court-métrages, des publicités (Notamment une où elle devait faire du vélo alors ... qu'elle ne sait pas en faire, mais ne nous étendons pas trop sur la question). 
En 2014, Mollie et Arnaud créent Mumbo Jumbo, qu'ils imaginent comme un laboratoire de réactions artistiques et linguistiques à la croisée de leurs deux cultures. Depuis, Mollie multiplie les expériences en animant des ateliers avec différents publics : adolescents, adultes, seniors, et dans différents environnements : en milieu scolaire, en centre social et plus récemment dans le monde de l'entreprise. 

Alex Jayner

Alex Jayner est un jeune acteur canadien diplômé d'un Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies and English à Acadia University (Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada) et d'un TESOL Certification de Oxford Seminars (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada).

Depuis 2008, Alex anime des ateliers d'anglais et théâtre dans les collèges et lycées en parallèle de sa carrière d'acteur. En 2011, Alex a également écrit et mis en scène son premier spectacle  "+2 vs Ogres". Il a rejoint Mumbo Jumbo en 2015, il anime avec Mollie Keane les stages de pratiques artistiques et linguistiques.